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From the Editor

Over the years, I have received some interesting questions concerning the appearance and information provided in Masonry magazine. Here are just a few of those questions and their answers for your information and amusement.

Reader: Why do you use the term "foreperson"? It sounds silly and, while there are a lot of women in leadership roles in the construction industry, it's extremely rare to find a "forewoman."

Editor: I utilize the Associated Press (AP) style, which is an industry guide on how words, phrases, punctuation and other text should appear in published media. AP style requires gender-neutral references in all cases. In general references, where the gender is undetermined, rather than "craftsman" or "foreman," AP style dictates that "craftworker" and "foreperson" are more professional and appropriate.

Reader: You need to put a swimsuit model on the cover of the magazine.

Editor: Logically, we need to keep the cover image relevant to the subject matter of the magazine. However, in an effort to fulfill your request, I've tried to talk some of the mason contractors into modeling their swimsuits for the cover. Unfortunately, they're a little shy and have turned me down. Sorry, I gave it my best shot.

Reader: I would like to see an article concerning the use of illegal immigrants on masonry job sites and what legitimate contractors can do about this problem.

Editor: I certainly empathize with those mason contractors who are running their businesses within the law and have to bid against those businesses that aren't.

Later this year, we will have a feature article on an interesting option that is available to legitimate mason contractors that will help increase the ranks of their skilled workforce and level the playing field.

In the meantime, we all know that breaking the law typically isn't a long-term proposition. To quote KFC's Harland ("The Colonel") Sanders: "The easy way is efficacious and speedy — the hard way arduous and long. But, as the clock ticks, the easy way becomes harder and the hard way becomes easier." Such is the case in this instance as well.

Reader: You should post the scores from golf tournaments held by local, state and national masonry organizations in the Masonry news section.

Editor: I am more than happy to include information on industry golf tournaments in the magazine. While these tournaments have raised considerable funds for masonry apprenticeship training, college scholarships for architecture students and other noble causes, therefore deserving recognition, I don't feel that the scores are relevant to the magazine's readership.

Plus, I've seen many of your golf scores. While I would love to title this hypothetical news article "Hit a Brick" for all the Burtons and Spencers out there, I fear a more apt name overall would be "Masonry Mulligans."

That's it for now, but we're always interested in getting your input. You can e-mail me directly at jen@lionhrtpub.com, or better yet, take part in our online survey. Visit our website at www.masonrymagazine.com and look for the slim blue box at the top of the webpage that states, "Let your voice be heard. Take our quick online survey!"

In the "Local, State and Regional" news section of the November 2005 issue, page 56, Anthony Darkangelo was incorrectly identified as the executive director of the Masonry Institute of Michigan. In fact, Daniel S. Zechmeister, P.E., is executive director and Darkangelo is director of marketing. We apologize for the mistake.



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