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New Products

JLG Industries, Inc.
McConnellsburg, Penn.

Incorporating a uniframe design using a high-strength beam running the length of the frame, the two new telehandlers from JLG Industries, Inc., offer maximum lifting capacities of 10,000 and 12,000 lbs. The G10-55A and G12-55A telehandlers are capable of lifting 5,000 lbs. to 55 ft. and extending a 3,000 lb. load to a full reach of 42 ft. The machines give the operator the choice of all-wheel, front-wheel or crab steering so heavy loads can be effectively moved around crowded job sites. They also have a minimum of 18 in. ground clearance with frame leveling capability of 10 degrees for deployment in rough terrain conditions. For more information, visit www.jlg.com.

ChemGrout, Inc.
LaGrange Park, Ill.

The ChemGrout L6A pump utilizes a long-life, non-pulsating positive displacement rotor-stator that provides a constant discharge of material. It pumps up to 25 gallons per minute, with a standard pressure of 261 psi (additional pressure ranges available). However, the main feature is the patent pending design of the newly engineered suction housing that allows immediate access to all four sides. By simply loosening a series of thumbscrews, the housing covers are removed to quickly provide the operator unrestricted access without the use of tools. Mainte-nance and clean up, which used to be a very time consuming process, can now be done in just minutes. For further information, call (708) 354-7112 or visit www.chemgrout.com.

Star Industries
Fort Worth, Texas

The new Load-N-Tow is the safe and easy way to use a forklift to load and unload small, but heavy and awkward, equipment and materials. A front gate folds down to form a ramp, making it easy to roll or slide equipment or materials on and off the platform. Raise the ramp and the load is secure for transportation. The Load-N-Tow, with its built-in 2 in. sq. trailer adapter receiver, also provides a secure way to move trailer mounted equipment around the site. A hook point is provided for handling suspended loads. The Load-N-Tow is easy to install — it just slides onto the forks and is secured with the safety chain. The Load-N-Tow is available in three platform sizes, 42"x42", 42"x48" and 48"x48". For more information, call (800) 541-1797 or visit www.starindustries.com.

Modulo USA, LLC
Hanover, Minn.

Unique to the North American market, Modulo has introduced a new interior wall covering called Mur-Mur. More than 100 different imprints create the effect of an authentic, ancient stone wall for interior design. Crushed stone materials are colored with high-quality metal oxide colorings, often five or more, which are mixed and then integrated directly into the molded product. The cast stones weigh, on average, only slightly more than 1.6 lb./sq. ft. No special wall supports are necessary, and the covering can be glued directly onto drywall and any other clean, stable interior surface. For more information, call (877) 663-7866 or visit www.modulousa.com.

Multiquip, Inc.
Carsen, Calif.

The Night Hawk LT-12D and LT-12P light towers are offered with the choice of 1800-rpm, liquid-cooled, 12-horsepower Deutz and 10.7-horsepower Perkins diesel engines. Able to rotate 360 degrees, the maximum mast height is 30 feet (9 meters), which is stable in gusty winds. Standard features on both units include: four industry-standard metal halide floodlights; a 30-gallon polyethylene fuel tank that provides 64 hours of continuous run-time; high temperature and low oil pressure shutdowns; internal lights that illuminate the light tower cabinet; two exterior receptacles (120V duplex GFCI and 220V twist lock) that allow the operator to power small tools and equipment without opening the cabinet doors; and forklift slots and two-inch ball hitches. For more information, call (800) 421-1244 or visit www.multiquip.com.

MSA Fall Protection
Pittsburgh, Penn.

The new ApturaTM LT12 Self-Retracting Lanyard (SRL) has several unique features. In the event that the webbing should become damaged, the user can replace the web lifeline in the field without sending the product back to the manufacturer. It is the lightest SRL on the market, starting at 2.4 pounds. It is also the first self-retracting lanyard on the market that allows you to order exactly the options you want, and only the options you want, through the Assemble-to-Order process. For more information, call (800) 672-2222 or visit www.MSAnet.com.



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